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I want to order a relationship testing (paternity testing) kit but the parties to be tested do not live in the same city. Can the kit be split?

If you want to order a relationship test such as a paternity test, sibling test, grandparent test, etc. and the parties to be tested live at different addresses, we can split the kit for you and send each component to a different address. Since the kits are individually barcode labelled, they will be tested together once the samples arrive back at the laboratory.

To order a split kit, please indicate in the comments box of the online order form the name and address for each component of the testing kit. For example, for a split paternity test, please enter the following text: 

"Please split this paternity testing kit. Please send the alleged father's portion of the kit to: (specify name of alleged father and his shipping address) and please send the child's portion of the kit to: (specify name of child and child's shipping address)."


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