DNA Reunion Database

Search for long lost family lines

DNA is a powerful way to connect family members. When the paper trail ends, DNA can provide strong leads for finding missing relatives and filling in gaps in your family tree. The DNA Reunion Database allows individuals who have tested their DNA markers to search for matches in an attempt to find close and distant family members.

Paternal line searches:

Search for relatives along your direct paternal line.

Maternal line searches:

Search for relatives along your direct maternal line.

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Test your Y-DNA (paternal Ancestry) or your mtDNA (maternal ancestry). Once your test is completed, all of the database features are free. Use your DNA results to search for family matches, compare against indigenous populations, compare against notable historical figures and discover your haplogroup.

Find your genetic cousins with Surname Projects

A Surname Project allows people from all over the world with the same or similar surname to use DNA markers to determine the roots of their surname and reunite family groups.

Y-DNA STR Markers: A Case Study

Find out how Mr. Brown used his Y-DNA STR marker results to uncover his family lines.

Whether you come from a large or small family, DNA will allow you to trace your ancestral roots.