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Searching the Genebase Database

The Genebase database is the world's most powerful online DNA genealogy project community. Individuals who have had their Y Chromosome tested at any laboratory are welcome to submit their DNA marker data into Genebase and use Genebase to host their surname project for free. As a public surname project community, users from all over the world are able to take part in this global project.

Genebase allows users to consolidate projects which are scattered across the globe in different repositories into one powerful unified surname project. Genebase is wide open to all participants. You do not have to test your DNA at Genebase to be included in Genebase as a user. Genebase allows genealogists worldwide to make a collaborative effort to consolidate projects and information from all over the world using this powerful public database.

Genebase accepts up to 61 markers, making it the most comprehensive database available. Genebase is not just a database. It is an online community which makes building and expanding surname projects exciting and easy. All users will have their own homepage with weblogs to keep track of findings and make announcements. All surname projects have dedicated surname project websites with their own online forums and comparison tools. All users and administrators will have powerful control panels which allow advanced researching, comparison, analysis and reporting. A report generation function allows genealogists to easily print out a certificate of their research for their records or to save a copy of search results.

Genebase has many powerful search and comparison functions. You can search by surname, by genetic distance, by matches, and even automatically calculate genetic distance. You can save search results to a worksheet for analysis and print professional report documents using the Genebase repot generator function. All Genebase functions are free and anyone can join the Genebase community.

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