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What is the difference between a Haplotype and a Haplogroup?

Your haplotype is the specific results that you have obtained after testing a set of Y-STR markers. For example, if you take the 44 marker Y-Chromosome test, the combined result of your 44 markers is your unique haplotype and represents the haplotype of your line. Your haplotype should be the same or very close to that of all males from your family line.

Haplogroups are determined by a method known as SNP analysis (single nucleotide polymorphisms). There are a set of very broad haplogroups and all males in the world can be placed into one of a handful of haplogroups. Although haplogroups are very broad and are not as useful as haplotypes for providing genealogical information and linking family lines, it is useful in providing a broad knowledge of the geographical area that your ancestral line originated. Haplogroups are useful for scientists who are studying human migration patterns and has archealogical value. Some haplotypes can be correlated to a particular haplogroup, and thus, genealogists have some interest in seeing whether their haplotype falls into a particular haplogroup.

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