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The world's most stringent Y-DNA marker testing.
World acclaimed ISO17025 and AABB accredited laboratory.
$119 for 20 markers, or $199 for 44 markers.
Get your markers now and start your genetic genealogy journey.

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What happens after I order a DNA Marker Test from Genebase?

  1. You can place an order for a DNA Collection Kit online or by telephone. Your collection kit will be shipped out immediately. Express next business day UPS delivery is available.
  2. Your collection kit will have everything that you need to collect a DNA sample from inside your mouth. It's fast, painless and simple and very similar to brushing your teeth. The entire process takes just seconds to complete. After sample collection, simply send the samples directly to our laboratory for testing using the return packaging included in your collection kit.
  3. Your results will be uploaded to your online control panel where you can check them right away and start using them immediately to search for matches to yourself, conduct research in Genebase and begin surname project studies. Official paperwork and a certificate will be delivered to you in the mail outlining the details of the Y-Chromosome for your family line.

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