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The world's most stringent Y-DNA marker testing.
World acclaimed ISO17025 and AABB accredited laboratory.
$119 for 20 markers, or $199 for 44 markers.
Get your markers now and start your genetic genealogy journey.

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Trace your Ancestry with DNA

  • Who are your ancestors?
  • Where did your ancestors originate from?
  • Are you related to other people who have your surname?
  • How did your family branch?

Find your genetic cousins with Surname Projects

A surname project is a project which is formed by many GeneBase members with the same or similar surname who have gathered together to use Y-DNA to determine the roots of their surname and to establish links and reunite family groups. Find out more about surname projects.

Searching the GeneBase Database

Search!The world's most powerful public online genealogy database. Individuals with DNA markers are welcome to submit their markers into GeneBase and use GeneBase to conduct searches, analyze data, and host their surname project for free. [more...]
Connect!GeneBase is not just a database! It's an online community which makes building and expanding Surname Projects, family trees, and genealogy research exciting and easy. [more...]

The world's most powerful public online genetic genealogy management tools


Your Y-DNA markers will allow you to find distant relatives by comparing the results of as few as two people. Search GeneBase for matches.

Generate Reports

Use the Report Generator to analyze data and discover matches. Generate professional results to share with friends and family with the click of a button.


Use your Y-DNA markers to trace your roots and determine your origins and ancestry. All descendents of a common forefather will have the same Y-DNA!


Discover and connect with your global family. Join an exciting Surname Project and connect with your long lost relatives.


Find out about the DNA Testing Process
Step-by-step tour of the procedure used to obtain your DNA markers.
What is DNA?
DNA tutorial. Find out what DNA is, where it is found, and what it does.
Surname Project: A Case Study
Find out how Mr. Brown used Surname Projects to uncover his family lines.
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